The media’s unfair coverage of Hillary Clinton when she calls out bigotry in our communities

Bigotry in all its forms is deplorable. People who are bigots are deplorable. Hillary Clinton said it like it is. Donald Trump supporters who are bigots are deplorable.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist in any way shape or form. But money is money. And when the race started becoming one sided in favor of Hillary Clinton I’m sure the media Outlet watched their ratings go down. They want this to be a horse race. So their coverage is slanted. They use innuendo whenever possible. They ignore all of the things that Donald Trump says and does that are deplorable. But when Hillary Clinton calls out bigotry she is a bad person. When BBC News covers this story Hillary Clinton is calling out bigotry. When American news outlets cover the story she is insulting a group of Voters. Enough is enough. I know that the next 2 months are going to be long and we must stand fast. Hillary Clinton will be on the campaign trail from now on and so will all her surrogates especially President Obama and President Bill Clinton. In the end bigotry will not win. In the end Donald Trump will not win.


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