Paul Ryan suggests, but does not demand, that Trump make his tax returns public – The Washington Post

I would be great if the Republican leadership in congress actually were leaders. That is not the case. All they’re worried about is getting reelected and how much money they can collect from special interests. Case in point Paul Ryan the Speaker of the House. He says that he released his taxes and he thinks that we should release our taxes whatever that means but never comes out and says that Donald Trump should release his taxes. Paul Ryan says that he’s leaving it up to Donald Trump as the mold Trump says he’s in an audit. There is absolutely no evidence that Donald Trump is under an audit. If you were really under an audit all you need to do is show us the letter that says Dear Donald Trump you are being audited by IRS. But he doesn’t have that letter. He does not want us to see how he runs his business is like a criminal Empire and how little if anything he gives to charity. He gave to his foundation a donation in 2008. The Washington Post looked for donations from Donald Trump to 328 Charities that he claimed he was supporting and the Washington Post could only find one donation for $10,000 and that one was in 2009. 

Donald Trump needs to release his taxes.


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