‘The Daily Show’ Dissects Donald Trump’s Attempts To Win Black Votes in “Orange tries to woo black ” – The Huffington Post

Trevor Noah from The Daily Show hit it out of the park today with his dissecting Donald Trump’s lame attempt at getting African Americans to support him. So click on the link below hand have yourself a good laugh.


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Why Hillary Clinton’s perceived corruption seems to echo louder than Donald Trump’s actual corruption – The Washington Post

Please read the headline carefully. It says Hillary Clinton’s perceived vs Donald Trump’s actual corruption. Perception is something the media is doing it’s best to put a bad light on Hillary.

Donald Trump is basically a crook. And yet the media has attack Hillary Clinton mercilessly over a charitable Foundation that does work in Africa and helps people with AIDS. The Donald Trump foundation on the other hand gives political contributions to Pam Bondi so that she would look the other way on Donald Trump University. And yet all we hear about is the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Family Foundation is a charity. It is a charity that does good. The Donald Trump Foundation is an arm of his business Holdings. It donates money so that it will get favors from politicians and other businessmen. He is corrupt to the hilt and yet he has the audacity to call Hillary Clinton crooked. If we want to talk about media bias then let’s talk about the bias against the clintons and for. Donald Trump. He gets huge coverage for all of his speeches and the multiple mistakes in them are glanced over by the media that seems to be in love with the idea of a Donald Trump presidency. They will have to stand in line with the Russians and the Chinese that are also in love with the thought of a Donald Trump presidency.



Trump dumps the script in Clinton attacks – POLITICO

Donald Trump is off his meds again. He was set up with softball questions by 88 members of the military who have decided to support him. Each time he was asked a simple question he could not answer it and answered in a completely different subject matter. He kept going on and on about how important it was that we should cooperate with Russia. Russia is a second great power as compared to the United States. Russia needs to cooperate with us not the other way around. Donald Trump only works when he’s in front of a teleprompter. Unfortunately when he reads a speech he is boring. So today when spoon-fed questions which he already knew were coming here was unable to perform. Maybe he has performance anxiety. Maybe there is a Viagra for him. All I know is that Xanax Trump is better than regular Trump.



Gallup: U.S. Economic Confidence Up in August as DNC Rally Persists

It’s the economy stupid.

Even if we are to believe the polls, and I do not, these two presidential candidates are the most unpopular nominees in a generation. What has to be remembered is that people on the most part vote with the economy. If you look at the chart you’ll see that both Democrats and independents more importantly think the economy is doing well. Only Republicans think that the economy is doing badly. The Republicans live in a world of Fox News and they are told bad economic news day in Day Out. The rest of us live in the real world and see all of the cranes in the sky building new buildings in our cities, businesses opening and for the first time in a long time people are secure in their job and I truly believe they can find a better one if they wanted to. So yes right now seems a little bit dark for Hillary but people want to continue the upward trend of the economy. One would then ask why did Al Gore lose. Although I supported him and work hard on his campaign he did separate himself as much as he could from the President Clinton and more importantly President Clinton’s incredible economic Legacy. Hillary on the other hand has embraced President Obama and will have the president on the ground in key States making her case.



Trump Commits to Debates as He, Clinton Promise More Access on Campaign – Bloomberg Politics

Labor Day is the traditional start of the presidential campaign. And this Labor Day did not disappoint. Hillary Clinton the beautiful beautiful plane has her new campaign plan for the next two months. Donald Trump has agreed to the debates. I believe that this will be pivotal in the outcome of the election. Donald Trump was on a stage with 10 people when he was debating during the primaries. He could disappear for 15 minutes at a time while the others were bickering. One on one is going to be difficult for Donald Trump and his lack of focus and grasp of the issues. The debates going to be interesting but it’s important to realize that debates don’t usually have much outcome on the election results. The only way debates have an outcome is when one of the candidates screwed up royally or seems disingenuous.



Donald Trump appearing during the primary debates. He was explaining that his hands were large and that everything else was good, believe it.

Trump’s liar-in-chief: Since joining his staff, Kellyanne Conway has been living in a world of make believe – Salon.com

The first interview I saw of her after becoming campaign chairman for Donald Trump was on Chris Matthews Hardball. The outrage from that interview has caused Chris Matthews ratings to plummet. Right out of the gate she started lying and hasn’t ever stop lying weather it’s July to make Donald Trump look good or to lie to make Hillary Clinton look bad. I know PR and PR makes people see the best of what the pr people AR promoting. It’s why the first thing someone does when he or she screws up is they hire a PR firm.

Miss Conway is not a PR person. She is a propagandist and one with an evil agenda. She knows she’s lying and she repeats it over and over again. It’s what has become the norm with politicians who are on the wrong side of an issue. I watched her say that Donald Trump does not insult people. Was she in a coma during the primaries? She says she’s not interested in talking about Hillary’s health, and yet she does so in a new window over and over. She’s a perfect match for Donald Trump and that cabal that he’s put together as a campaign. Lord, I look with Nostalgia at the days of Paul Manafort. Kellyanne Conway is a con man. She is the one who said there would be a softening of Trump’s immigration policies.  In fact there has been no softening or hardening. He is just repeating the policies that President Obama has been carrying out the last 8 years. Donald Trump is a con man and he hires con people around him. Maybe after the election they can start a circus.



When this is over, you will have nothing that you want – Chicago Tribune

Garrison Keillor writes a blistering piece about Donald Trump and how he will never have what he wants. It’s like the kid who wants to be a jock but is very skinny and instead of going and using his or her brains to  become a better person they instead become a bitter bully. If you read only one thing about Donald Trump I urge you to read this insightful view of how he sees the world. My favorite Passage as quoted below:
The fans in the arenas are wild about you, and Sean Hannity is as loyal as they come, but Rudy and Christie and Newt are reassuring in that stilted way of hospital visitors. And The New York Times treats you like the village idiot. This is painful for a Queens boy trying to win respect in Manhattan where the Times is the Supreme Liberal Jewish Anglican Arbiter of Who Has The Smarts and What Goes Where. 



Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to speak at Joni’s Roast and Ride at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016. (Gerald Herbert / AP)