Matt Lauer reportedly ‘hung out to dry’ at NBC – Fox News 

I believe this may be the second time I have ever reposted something from Fox News but in this case I actually agree with them. The behind the scenes of who was controlling this Commander in Chief forum is fascinating. It turns out that one of NBC’s Chiefs was in Matt Lauer’s ear the whole time telling him what to do. He’s the one who told him to ask all the questions about the emails. He’s also the one who rushed him through questions at the end that Hillary wanted to answer. If Fox News sees bias so do I. I realize that Fox News is attacking another Network and so I have to take everything they say with a grain of salt. But this is Fox News everything they say should be taken with a handful of salt. For all of us who watched it it was painfully obvious that Matt Lauer was not ready for primetime.


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