Liberals pulverize Matt Lauer for not challenging Trump at presidential forum

I have a theory. In the lead up to the Commander in Chief forum Matt Lauer was being attacked by conservatives because of his work with the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation is not a political entity. It does good work especially in Africa with people with AIDS. That Matt Lauer might have had some connection to the Clinton Foundation is not surprising. I give money to all kinds of charities and never think about how it would affect me in my work-life. So I do think that Matt Lauer was very hard on Hillary Clinton and very very easy on Donald Trump. He let Donald Trump’s lie after lie after lie slip by without once pushing back with the truth. Also the one hour format was ridiculous. By the time they sang The Star-Spangled Banner introduced the candidates there was perhaps 25 minutes on airtime for each candidate. And we’re supposed to make a decision on who is going to be our commander-in-chief in 25 minutes? I think this is something that should be done every four years but like everything it needs to be fixed since this was its first year. And yes Matt Lauer was way too easy on Donald Trump and spent 11 minutes of Hillary Clinton’s time on the emails.


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