Lawrence O’Donnell: ​Political media loses its mind over Clinton while Trump threatens war with Iran – MSNBC 

I actually have never posted anything from last word with Lawrence O’Donnell do before. But tonight he makes a point that we all need to listen to. The media is cherry-picking what they cover regarding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump on Friday night said that if Iranians Just Jared from their boat an American war plane going by he would blow up the boat as president. That would be an act of war. That would be an act of war that our allies would not support. And yet all we heard was talk about the deplorables. Hillary Clinton was wrong. The latest polls show that 60% of Donald Trump supporters believe that President Obama is both a Muslim and not born in this country. That’s the deplorable. So please click on the link and not on the picture to watch the video. The picture is here only for illustration purposes. I think you will find it enlightening. It’s refreshing to hear the truth on corporate media


watch video of Lawrence O’Donnell making the case

This is a screenshot from please click on the link above to watch the video.

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