I Wrote That I Despised Hillary Clinton. Today, I Want To Publicly Take It Back – Huffington Post

The problem with today’s media is that it is very superficial. So it’s easy to fall into the Trap of hearing just what the media says. Let’s face it even if you believe, and I do not, that there are Clinton scandals there are just two. The so-called email Scandal and so-called Benghazi scandal. Both of which have been completely investigated by Republicans and secretary Clinton has been found blameless. Now let’s look at the other side Trump has so many scandals that they are no longer speaking to him. We’ve become almost immune to his scandals. The Washington Post says that he lies every three and a half minutes in one of his speeches. Last night Seth Meyers says that’s how he times his popcorn in the microwave. This Irvington Post opinion piece is from someone who was a Bernie bro. He drank the Kool-Aid and believed that Hillary was evil. He looked at all of the information and looked at her record and now is apologizing.

It’s been said but not enough that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person ever to run for president. If you took away the woman bias she would be winning by a landslide.



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