Congrats, Media. You Just Got Trump’d. – The Huffington Post

Donald J Trump doesn’t belong in the White House he belongs under the Big Top. On the surface of today’s supposed medical release with Dr. Oz, being a willing hostage, was ridiculous. First here’s a tidbit that you have not heard on the mainstream media. Dr. Oz is a Republican. I think that that should be part of the conversation. But it was still the theater of the Absurd When Donald Trump negotiated with the audience on whether or not he would give Dr. Oz his medical records. And because of the pre-negotiated Rules of Engagement Dr. Oz can’t tell us what he saw. So now we have to wait and instead of reporting this story the way it should be reported one media Outlet after the other has fallen into the Trap of being trumped. It is shameful Behavior that is fueled by the thirst and greed for ratings. This is not the media America deserves in fact this is the media that the Russian Federation has one controlled by its dictator.


Yeah, this guy looks legit objective

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