After summer of attacking Trump, Clinton focuses on herself – The Washington Post

Truly this is the news I’ve been hoping for. Hillary Clinton has policy that will make America strong. Donald Trump has no such thing. His campaign continuously lies about what Hillary Clinton’s website contains. I think they hope that people are lazy and actually don’t go to see Hillary site where you can find policy for every subject that the government should have something to do with. Kellyanne Conway his new campaign manager was on Bill Maher last night and just lied and lied and lied. I don’t understand this Crush that all of the moderators have with kellyanne Conway maybe it’s the fact that she’s been around for a very long time and they know her. They are soft with her. Is Robby Mook said what she said they would not let that stand. I am happy that Hillary is going to be talking about herself because she has so much to talk about that’s going to make people want to vote for her. It’s important for these last fifty days that the country understands the choice that we have. A person who has been proven and has policies. And a man who continuously flip flops from one position to another. Honestly I believe the Republicans are very scared of him.


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