WIRED Endorses Optimism – WIRED

God I’m happy I have a subscription to WIRED. 

That being said, it’s amazing how the scientific Community is rallying for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. We need to step into the 21st century with gusto. And not go back to 19th century thinking. Yesterday Donald Trump praised the Industrial Revolution and forgot to mention the fact that it was a time of hardship for those who endure it. Wired Magazine has never endorsed a candidate before for president and yet they are endorsing Hillary because she is our future.

Please click on the link below and read their words and why they are endorsing Hillary Clinton.



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  1. Listen, let’s use common sense, be open and honest with each other, and call it what it is……if a person says they are “”Republican”” or “”Democrat”” and vote for the candidate of the opposing party, then they are not what they represent, so that means if you are saying you are a Republican, and you vote Democrat, then you are a Democrat….if you are a Democrat, and you vote Independent, then you are an Independent.

    Your preferences on law, social justice, social program(s), can be conservative or liberal, but when you vote for a specific candidate, you are then a representative of that specific candidates party.

    The same goes for a person who feels they are a man, but are female in gender, is a representative of the male species.

    We have to quit straddling the fence and take a stand on who we are, and what we support. Once we all start standing on the truth, then we can start stabilizing our country and move on.

    There is no greater problem in a relationship that is based on trust than to say one thing, and do another.

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