Trump’s threat against Clinton similar to Sarah Palin ad blunder when she put Gabby Giffords and others in the crosshairs

Calling what Donald Trump and Sarah Palin did blunders is not enough. When you are running for president you cannot afford blenders. When you are in the Oval Office the country cannot stand blunders. Temperament comes from years of acquisition of character. Donald Trump is going to the nation that is 70 year old man cannot reinvent himself. For Donald Trump his 70 years have been wasted because he has not acquired character or temperament. 

What makes me the most my start people in the news media tries to compare him with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has lived an adult life in the service of the American people. What service other than building grotesque Towers and failing companies has Donald Trump provided the American people? Innuendos about the birth of our president? Innuendos about his rivals in the Republican primary? No, Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be the president of United States. And his putting the crosshairs on Hillary is to me Criminal.


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