Trump team, RNC in an emergency meeting at pivotal moment – POLITICO

With the hashtag “Xanax Trump” trending on Twitter, the Trump campaign finally understands that their candidate has to be reigned in. With the Republican National Party saying that they are about to divert funds from the presidential election to Senate and House races because they see that Donald Trump will not pivotto a more presidential posture, the Trump campaign called for this emergency meeting. All the emergency meetings will not take away the fact that Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be a general election presidential candidates. I’ve been watching news reports about the top five lines that send horror into voters minds that Trump has said. But it seems the one that hurts the most is the one about the disabled reporter. Trump seems to be addicted to having media talking about him. Even if it’s in the negative as it has been in the last week or two. His allegation that President Obama is the founder of Isis has been ridiculed. President Obama has launched 11000 airstrikes against Isis and spent 8.5 billion dollars to defeat them. President Obama is the one who found and disposed of Osama bin Laden. 

I hope nothing cures Donald Trump of his foot in mouth disease.


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