Trump sticks to hard line on immigration at Tampa rally | Miami Herald

“I am going to suspend immigration wherever effective screening cannot take place and I am going to institute a new ideological screening program to keep out people who don’t share our values,” said Trump, frequently veering from the script on his TelePrompter. “You mark my words, I’ve been very good at predicting things…. Bad, bad things are going to be happening with these people pouring into our country.”

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The man can’t help himself. He sends out his surrogates like campaign manager kellyanne Conway or is that campaign CEO, I can’t keep those straight, on The Rachel Maddow Show today trying to make him sound so reasonable and yet he opens his mouth and this hate speech comes out. The more things change the more they stay the same with Trump. He Is His Own Worst Enemy and I can’t wait till they let him be Trump at a 110% because then we’ll be able to see the true bigot that lies within that ugly shell.


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