Trump: Sometimes you say the wrong thing – CNN  & why I took Chris Matthews Hardball off my DVR

Trump: “Sometimes you say the wrong thing”.

You think? Sometimes? Maybe all the time? He is listening to his handlers and his features are boring. When he apologized it sounded so forced that the audience started laughing. This pivot and his campaign has nothing to do with being nice. They are going to be horrible. But if they keep him on a teleprompter he will be boring. Unless he spouts out craziness the man is boring. Donald Trump on a teleprompter is boring and we’ll put the audiences to sleep. Maybe he should become a hypnotist. Maybe when he loses the election he can sell tapes of his teleprompter speeches so that people who have problems sleeping can get to sleep better.

After watching Chris Matthews Hardball on MSNBC for as long as it’s been on I took it off my DVR tonight. A 1 hour television commercial for Donald Trump is not a news show. Shame on Chris Matthews and his Comcast overlords. Hillary is winning by a landslide and they want to change that so that this race becomes competitive. The news media and its corporate rulers are trying to change the course of the elections and politics in America. The corporate Elite needs to line their pockets. Shame on NBC and MSNBC for becoming just like Fox News. CNN is no better. I have no idea where to get use other than BBC America. This is a sad day for Walter Cronkite.


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