Trump says officers won’t be shot in the line of duty when he’s President – Dallas Morning News

I wish there could be a magic wand that could protect police officers exercising their lawful Duty. There is not. I have heard politicians make campaign promises but not as big a lie as this one. The only thing that Donald Trump may be able to promise is that he may not shoot any police officers while in office, and that’s not in stone.

Donald Trump wants to flood our streets and cities with guns. Today on Rachael Maddow there was a report of an Isis recruit who came back to Germany. He was disillusioned while being trained by ISIS. He said that they were looking for recruits who had connections in the UK and Germany. When asked about France they started laughing and said they had all the recruits they needed their. But when they came to America they said they did not need recruits because the stupid Americans have laws that allow anyone to buy guns. So they radicalize people over the internet and tell them to go buy a gun. Donald Trump’s America this would be a much easier thing to do.

So getting back to his promise that under a trump Administration there would be no police officers killed one can see how absurd This Promise is. And yet his believers, because they’re no longer supporters, believe what he says. America would not be safer under trump it would be a much more dangerous place.


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