Trump: I will solve California drought – CNN Video

The only time that Donald Trump has spoken up regarding climate change was when it was in his best interest. In a filing with the Scottish government asking for permission to build a higher sea wall to protect his golf course his attorneys mentioned the fact that climate change was raising the levels of the Seas. Now he thinks that he can solve California’s drought. The only way to solve California’s drought is for the world to understand that we are at a precipice and are about to collectively fall into it if we don’t dramatically change the way we do business. 2016 has had 8, yes 8, 500 year floods in the United States alone. Donald Trump in his only interview on climate change looked like a kid who had not prepared for his science project. He said that climate went up and down up and down and there was nothing we could do about it. He was more upset about the fact that he could no longer use a hairspray that was more effective. He actually said he could not understand how when he sprayed hairspray in his “sealed” apartment it would affect the ozone layer. I guess Donald Trump doesn’t breathe the same air that we all do. His lack of knowledge and his unwillingness to listen to scientists as opposed to his handlers frightens me. I am 62 years old and I know I will see changes in the climate but I feel so so sorry for those young people who are going to have to pay for the mistakes being made right now by politicians.


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This is what California drought looks like.

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