The Latest: Trump threatens to pull credentials of NY Times – The Washington Post

As any good dictator will tell you, controlling the Press is the most important thing you can do to keep power. The more you muzzle the Press the more they become benign to you. Donald Trump is taking a page out of a Playbook written by dictators lacrosse history. Another trait that Donald Trump shares with dictators is making villains  of your opponents. And then the most important one is to say that the system of Elections is corrupt and if they lose it’s because there has been fraud. Congratulations Donald Trump you have now reached the level of demagogue.

The problem with Donald Trump is that he’s inconsistent. He band The Washington Post from his rallies but gave them an exclusive interview in which he made himself look like a fool. Doing this with the New York Times was next on the list. I’m sure that other newspapers and television Networks will be threatens with expulsion from his campaign. Donald Trump is a media for and this action is akin to shooting himself in the foot. But then Donald Trump has been shooting himself in the foot a lot lately. I am surprised that he hasn’t said that the Olympics are a Democratic Party the plot to keep him from having airtime.


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