Republicans question Trump’s travel choices, tight purse strings – CNN 

Let’s face it, Donald Trump has no campaign without the Republican Party infrastructure. The Republican party is starting to move away from their candidate. Tightening the purse strings and openly criticizing him is unprecedented and election for president in the modern era by his or her party. And yet the Republican party is doing just that. They realize that they have a dud in Donald Trump and that he’s not only going to hurt the party but also hurt the country that they love. I may not agree with Republicans much, but I know that they truly love this country. And when Donald Trump says that the system is rigged or that they should jail Hillary, the Republican Party realizes that he’s making damage to the very fabric of our political system.

After calling President Obama the founder of Isis for the last 3 days he said now that it was sarcastic. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he is a liar above any other liar that I’ve ever seen in politics. And that’s saying a lot. He says outrageous things in hopes of keeping his 30% Bass. He walks back his outrageous statements in hopes of getting the independent vote. I think that he thinks that that 20% is as easily fooled as his core supporters. They are not and they are the reason that we have had 8 years of President Obama. Donald Trump is a pox on all of our homes.


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