Reince Priebus GOP chairman says he’s “apoplectic” regarding Trump

Sometimes people say things using words that are difficult to understand for the majority of people on purpose. Republican chairman Reince Priebus could have just said I’m having a stroke over Trump. Instead he used the word that most people would have to look up to understand. And that’s kind of the definition of the Republican Party today.

 That being said the media is seriously talking about a path for the Democrats to get the house. With Fox News poll out day giving Hillary a 10-point lead over Trump and I to a race and a nine-point lead over Trump in a four race one can understand why the Republican establishment is freaking out.

The Republican Party can look itself in the mirror to see why there is a Donald Trump as their presidential candidate. When President Obama came into office right after his inauguration day Matt and said they would become the party of no blocking everything President Obama try to do. In doing so they have created a subclass of people white people who don’t have a good education and therefore cannot get work. This class has now had eight years of misery and they’re looking for a messiah. And the Messiah they chose is Donald Trump. Unfortunately he’s a false Messiah because Donald Trump is only looking to help the rich.


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