Judge dismisses debate lawsuit filed by Gary Johnson and Jill Stein – CNN 

I live in downtown Los Angeles. My ZIP code 90012 has an medium income of $98,000 a year. It’s young and very liberal. So, this area is is fertile territory in the mind of Jill Stein. I am besieged by commercials for this person running supposedly for president. Her message makes no sense and is very anti Hillary Clinton. She says what every bernieorbust person says don’t choose between the worst of two evils. I will say that Jill Stein and her Dogma is the worst of all. She promises free everything with no bases on how this is all going to be paid for. This Utopia of hers will become hell on Earth if she becomes president. Now obviously this time around she has no chance. But I think she’s building a base here in California for further runs in the future.

I used to hate watching Carly fiorina commercials when she was running for office here in California a few years ago. Now I have a number 1 most disliked individual running as a liberal in Jill Stein. By the way Gary Johnson is a kook and if he does get on that debate stage his kookiness will shine through. I’m just worried he’ll make Donald Trump look good in comparison.



In endorsing Clinton, ex-CIA chief, Mike Morrell, says Putin made Trump his ‘unwitting agent’ – The Washington Post

I remember watching the movie The Manchurian Candidate when I was a little kid. It was a fantasy so much so that it was like watching a James Bond movie. Although in those days the Soviet Union loomed large over our thinking having a president that in fact was a sleeper agent for the USSR was out there. Now we have Donald Trump, and his weird love 4 President Putin of the Russian Federation. Sit here and read Mike Morrell say that he thinks that Donald Trump has been turned by Putin is scary. À few months ago Donald Trump was being briefed by one of his advisers on foreign policy. And during that one hour breathing he went back to how and why have we not used nuclear weapons in the past. The reason we don’t use nuclear weapons is because they are a weapon of no resort. Once used there’s no way of going back. That’s something that every American understands and the fact that this gentleman who wants to be our president does not scares the hell out of me and it should you.

Mike Morrell from the CIA is not a political creature. And his courageous coming out against Donald Trump today should be read as a non-partisan view of a Donald Trump presidency.



Michael Morell, shown in November 2012, is a former director of the CIA. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images, file)

Watch Stephen Colbert unveil USA Freedom Kids with a twist – Washington Examiner

As some of my regular readers will remember I posted that Donald Trump did not live up to his contractual obligation to the USA Freedom Kids girl band. Stephen Colbert took it one step further and put together a hilarious spoof with adults. It unabashedly points out that Donald Trump is a crook and doesn’t pay his bills. 

Click on the link below and watch the video.



Vets Crash John McCain’s Office, Ask Him To Dump Trump – The Huffington Post

John McCain, the self-described Maverick, must be having quite a hard time right now. In the face of overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump is not a friend to Veterans John McCain remain silent. When Donald Trump said he had donated millions of dollars to Veterans groups it was a lie. He only donated money wants the lie was exposed. He has attacked a gold star family. He has accepted the Purple Heart from someone and said it wasn’t that hard to get. What else must Donald Trump do to get John McCain to say enough?



Sign petition to have Trump examined by a psychiatrist

If you’re for him or against him, I believe his behavior warrants this. From attacking Gold Star Mothers to saying that everything he’s planning to do as President is a secret there is something wrong with Donald Trump. And as a public service I believe we are going to allow him to have the nuclear codes he should have psychologists and psychiatrists determine whether or not he is fit for the job.

And think how much this would annoy him.

click here to sign petition

Trump says officers won’t be shot in the line of duty when he’s President – Dallas Morning News

I wish there could be a magic wand that could protect police officers exercising their lawful Duty. There is not. I have heard politicians make campaign promises but not as big a lie as this one. The only thing that Donald Trump may be able to promise is that he may not shoot any police officers while in office, and that’s not in stone.

Donald Trump wants to flood our streets and cities with guns. Today on Rachael Maddow there was a report of an Isis recruit who came back to Germany. He was disillusioned while being trained by ISIS. He said that they were looking for recruits who had connections in the UK and Germany. When asked about France they started laughing and said they had all the recruits they needed their. But when they came to America they said they did not need recruits because the stupid Americans have laws that allow anyone to buy guns. So they radicalize people over the internet and tell them to go buy a gun. Donald Trump’s America this would be a much easier thing to do.

So getting back to his promise that under a trump Administration there would be no police officers killed one can see how absurd This Promise is. And yet his believers, because they’re no longer supporters, believe what he says. America would not be safer under trump it would be a much more dangerous place.



Reince Priebus GOP chairman says he’s “apoplectic” regarding Trump

Sometimes people say things using words that are difficult to understand for the majority of people on purpose. Republican chairman Reince Priebus could have just said I’m having a stroke over Trump. Instead he used the word that most people would have to look up to understand. And that’s kind of the definition of the Republican Party today.

 That being said the media is seriously talking about a path for the Democrats to get the house. With Fox News poll out day giving Hillary a 10-point lead over Trump and I to a race and a nine-point lead over Trump in a four race one can understand why the Republican establishment is freaking out.

The Republican Party can look itself in the mirror to see why there is a Donald Trump as their presidential candidate. When President Obama came into office right after his inauguration day Matt and said they would become the party of no blocking everything President Obama try to do. In doing so they have created a subclass of people white people who don’t have a good education and therefore cannot get work. This class has now had eight years of misery and they’re looking for a messiah. And the Messiah they chose is Donald Trump. Unfortunately he’s a false Messiah because Donald Trump is only looking to help the rich.


Congress Away for the Rest Of The Summer Without Passing Anything On Zika, throw the bums out

The Republican party claims to be leaders. They have been the leaders that have brought us the Flint Water Crisis. And now they’re the leaders that are bringing us zika to our shores. They went on vacation until after Labor day without doing anything about funding the fight against zika that President Obama requested in February. We’re in August and now a large section north of downtown Miami is literally on a CDC watch list telling travelers to take precautions. This is the kind of thing that happens in third-world Nations not in the United States of America. And shame on the Republicans for bringing this on us.

The President requested 2.1 billion dollars in February to help eradicate mosquitoes and fines and develop vaccines against zika. Paul Ryan and his minions argued about funding and each side of Congress kept throwing the ball to the other. Eventually the Republican balls ended up with some weird mish-mash of taking funding away from Ebola. Is the health of the American people not worthy of funding? When zika hits in the heart white Republican districts watch how fast the funding will come. This is a throw the bums out moment in America.

We need a democrat in the white house and we need a democratic Congress. End of discussion.



Gallup Poll: RNC Turned Voters Away from Trump – The Daily Beast

Gallup polls used be the gold standard of polls. But their bias leaning towards the right has made them less relied upon. That being said this poll is from Gallup. I think it’s indicative of the fact that so-called establishment Republicans cannot stomach Donald Trump and what he is doing to their party. The Doom and Gloom convention that Trump has said was going to be his extravaganza was a total dud. It’s amazing now that it’s gotten bad reviews Trump said he had nothing to do with the production of the convention. Typical Trump lies. There’s an expression that says “the thief has the most locks on his door at home”. Donald Trump says that everyone lies because he lies more than anyone else. 

In 4 days the Olympics begin. And hopefully they go without major disruptions. This will let the body politic think about what was said and then at these very well viewed conventions. That’s the point when people will cement their decisions on whom to vote for and I truly hope it’s Hillary Clinton.