IRachel Maddow: anti-Semitism, domestic abuse charge in Trump CEO Bannon records – MSNBC 

Let’s call, and love this turn of a phrase, a spade a spade Steve Bannon is a white supremacist. Being a white supremacist comes with some baggage. Usually you are anti-Semitic, borderline psychopath, some self-hatred and not very good at parties. So, when you read the court documents that say that he was mad at his wife for sending their children to school that had Jews because Jews raise whiny brats that should not come as a surprise from a white supremacist. This alt-right name is similar to how conservatives have changed words so that they sound more palatable  at the dinner table. So let’s get are dictionaries straight. Alt right means white supremacist. Pro-life is someone who wants they have too much to do with a woman’s body. Death tax is attacks that doesn’t click in until the inheritance is over 5.4 million dollars. But conservatives love changing words around and ALT-right is their newest and greatest hit. We used to call them the KKK, neo-nazis, skinheads and the like but now they homogenize the band called alt-right. It’s time that we write into our television stations and newspapers and other media outlets and the man that they stop using this alt-right and start calling it what it really is white supremacy. Donald Trump seems to pick them really well from a doctor that looks like he may be creating a Frankenstein monster somewhere to his new field operations manager that was fired by, of all things, Chris Christie over Bridgegate. If I were Donald Trump I would go into his campaign’s human resources department and scream at the top of my lungs “You’re fired!”.


I am not kidding, I Googled “photos of white supremacist” and pictures of Donald Trump showed up

‘Ashamed’ of Trump, Harvard Republican Club won’t endorse top GOP nominee for first time since 1888 – The Washington Post

From the picture in the Washington Post it looks like even potential Harvard students don’t like Trump. It must be really really difficult if you’re a republican especially our young one to have to turn your back on your party’s nominee. I’ve said this before but when I was in college in 1972 I supported George McGovern. I don’t know what I would have done if let’s say Barry Goldwater had been nominated by the Democrats. So I applaud the Harvard Republican Club and its members for their courageous stance. Love must always Trump hate and our nation. We’ve heard a lot about all right and the last two weeks but let’s call them what they are white supremacist.


I’m not sure who’s more uncomfortable in this picture. Donald Trump who looks like he’s never held up a child or the kids hoping they’re not going to be deported.

Trump campaign CEO once charged in domestic violence case – POLITICO

This revelation is not overly surprising to me. I’ve learned in my 62 years that people who hate one group usually don’t manifest that against just one group. This man’s hatred is so deep that I’m not willing to say his name. That Donald Trump put him into his cabal is surprising. But maybe that’s what we need to know about Donald Trump. Yes I know the rhetoric for the last 15 months has been ugly butt everyone said that Donald Trump was a nice guy once you met him personally. I’m starting not to believe that. is a stain on our nation and that Donald Trump brought this man into his fold is an even bigger stain on our nation. Let’s not just the feet Donald Trump let’s make sure that Robby Mook’s 50 state strategy comes true.


Trump sticks to hard line on immigration at Tampa rally | Miami Herald

“I am going to suspend immigration wherever effective screening cannot take place and I am going to institute a new ideological screening program to keep out people who don’t share our values,” said Trump, frequently veering from the script on his TelePrompter. “You mark my words, I’ve been very good at predicting things…. Bad, bad things are going to be happening with these people pouring into our country.”

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The man can’t help himself. He sends out his surrogates like campaign manager kellyanne Conway or is that campaign CEO, I can’t keep those straight, on The Rachel Maddow Show today trying to make him sound so reasonable and yet he opens his mouth and this hate speech comes out. The more things change the more they stay the same with Trump. He Is His Own Worst Enemy and I can’t wait till they let him be Trump at a 110% because then we’ll be able to see the true bigot that lies within that ugly shell.


Cher defiant after harsh takedown of Trump – CNN 

The double standard is breathtaking in this case. Trump can basically say fire in the middle of a movie theater and no one criticizes him from the right but Cher gives her opinion and she is besieged by criticism. I think the first amendment is much more important than the 2nd Amendment. I hope our first amendment people will do something about Donald Trump.


Rachel Maddow: New campaign hire puts Trump at odds with RNC – MSNBC 

Once again a great show. One of the funny parts of this show was the fact that Donald Trump has appointed as his co-chair for the Jefferson County Colorado area, which includes Denver suburbs, a 12 year old boy. It turns out that Donald Trump saw this young man at one of his rallies and just had to have him. Yes, the kids for Trump of Jefferson County chairman is now the co-chair of the Jefferson County Colorado Trump for president campaign. A 12 year old boy.

The new hire that is spoken about in thoe title of this piece is the new CEO of the Trump campaign formerly from it seems that he has made it a career of removing from office Republican hierarchy. He was instrumental in getting rid of Eric Cantor, John Boehner and tried to get rid of, in a very failed, attempt Paul Ryan. This would not be news if it were not for the fact that Donald Trump has repeatedly said that he’s going to let the RNC run his campaign. This is the author of The Art of the deal and he brings in an anti-establishment figure like the former founder of It’s not the way deals are usually made. You get more flies with honey than with vinegar. If this is the way Donald Trump plans to run the country I don’t want him anywhere near the White House. His campaign is a mess. His campaign is a joke. But campaigns in America play a more important role than in most countries. In fact campaigns have become a giant interview by the people for the gentleman or lady running for president. And Donald Trump is failing that interview terribly and it shows in the polls. I don’t see what vested interest the RNC has in getting Donald Trump to be president. Weirdly the RNC has raised less money than the Democrats this last month. During presidential campaigns is when the RNC feels his coffers with money. It’s not happening this year and it’s not happening because of Donald Trump.


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Pence shocks Fox News host after laughing off Trump’s claim to 95% of Black support in 2020 –

As much as I don’t like Mike Pence’s ideas I have to say that he has not allowed himself to be Donald Trump’s Whipping Boy. This is another example of Trump hyperbole. Just to put things into perspective, President Obama, the first African American president, got his best 93% of the African-American vote. So you’re going to tell me that this orange hair orangatang is going to do better than President Obama. Sure.


Sean Hannity: Apologize to Those with Epilepsy, or Burn in Hell – Newsweek 

The author of this piece, Kurt Eichenwald, has epilepsy and suffers from seizures. This is why he is so angry about these ridiculous claims coming from the Trump campaign regarding Hillary’s health. Newsweek let him use language in the magazine that they would not normally allow because of how angry he was at Sean Hannity. I invite you to click on the link below and read his article.

He appeared on what is becoming my favorite Sunday Morning Show AM Joy on MSNBC.


Report: Donald Trump’s companies at least $650 million in debt – CBS News

Donald Trump has called himself the king of debt, perhaps you should have called himself the Emperor of debt. Ironically a huge amount of the debt is being held by Goldman Sachs. He does not like transparency. People who don’t like transparency are usually doing something wrong. 

Where are his taxes?