Leader of ISIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan Killed in U.S. Drone Strike: Pentagon – NBC News

While Donald Trump erroneously calls President Obama the founder of Isis, President Obama is fighting Isis in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. Donald Trump’s words ring Hollow when faced with the reality of how our president is fighting Isis every day. He has no idea about the history of how Isis was formed. And it didn’t happen under President Obama’s watch.

I heard some Republican talking head today say that calling President Obama the founder of Isis is akin to when Hillary Clinton said that Trump is a recruiter for Isis. She said he helped in recruiting and he was not a recruiter. The Talking Heads said he checked Donald Trump’s resume, as if there is one, and could not find Isis recruiter on it. Maybe the Republican talking head should go and ask for Donald Trump’s tax returns and see if he gets that as well.



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