Judge dismisses debate lawsuit filed by Gary Johnson and Jill Stein – CNN 

I live in downtown Los Angeles. My ZIP code 90012 has an medium income of $98,000 a year. It’s young and very liberal. So, this area is is fertile territory in the mind of Jill Stein. I am besieged by commercials for this person running supposedly for president. Her message makes no sense and is very anti Hillary Clinton. She says what every bernieorbust person says don’t choose between the worst of two evils. I will say that Jill Stein and her Dogma is the worst of all. She promises free everything with no bases on how this is all going to be paid for. This Utopia of hers will become hell on Earth if she becomes president. Now obviously this time around she has no chance. But I think she’s building a base here in California for further runs in the future.

I used to hate watching Carly fiorina commercials when she was running for office here in California a few years ago. Now I have a number 1 most disliked individual running as a liberal in Jill Stein. By the way Gary Johnson is a kook and if he does get on that debate stage his kookiness will shine through. I’m just worried he’ll make Donald Trump look good in comparison.



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  1. I completely agree with AVB. We’ve already been through the 60’s and early 70’s with free love and everything else. You’d think people would learn from just a little history and from not so long ago. We are still living it. Something for nothing does not work and it sure isn’t real. These people still haven’t learned that life at its BEST is a STRUGGLE and you do the best you can and if you are lucky you die happy. As AVB said, both of those nut cases are a three knotweeds still hanging in the tree.

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