GOP critics say Donald Trump alienating a new generation of Republicans – The Boston Globe

I have heard this generational argument before, I don’t buy it. The only way this could be a generational shift is if the Republican Party stays in Trumpland permanently.

For this election I do buy it. If you read the article it’s stories about Young people that had worked under President Bush’s Administration who are now saying they are going to vote for Hillary Clinton. In a strange way, the terrible brexit vote has been a good friend to the United States. I don’t think that young people are going to be complacent this time around. They saw the mistake of their contemporaries in the UK and don’t want to repeat that mistake. Ford these people to actually come out and say they are voting for Hillary Clinton must be so difficult. Having being raised a Democrat I can’t imagine when I was 30 or 32 having to switch parties because my party left me.


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