Congress Away for the Rest Of The Summer Without Passing Anything On Zika, throw the bums out

The Republican party claims to be leaders. They have been the leaders that have brought us the Flint Water Crisis. And now they’re the leaders that are bringing us zika to our shores. They went on vacation until after Labor day without doing anything about funding the fight against zika that President Obama requested in February. We’re in August and now a large section north of downtown Miami is literally on a CDC watch list telling travelers to take precautions. This is the kind of thing that happens in third-world Nations not in the United States of America. And shame on the Republicans for bringing this on us.

The President requested 2.1 billion dollars in February to help eradicate mosquitoes and fines and develop vaccines against zika. Paul Ryan and his minions argued about funding and each side of Congress kept throwing the ball to the other. Eventually the Republican balls ended up with some weird mish-mash of taking funding away from Ebola. Is the health of the American people not worthy of funding? When zika hits in the heart white Republican districts watch how fast the funding will come. This is a throw the bums out moment in America.

We need a democrat in the white house and we need a democratic Congress. End of discussion.


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