Clinton hits Trump by recalling her father’s business and if he had had Trump as a client – The Washington Post 

What a contrast. One candidates has lived his life by hiring people and eventually never paying them what he had promised. The other candidate comes from a family that if one of their customers had reneged on a contract could have meant ruin. I hear the Press say how much Americans hate both candidates for president this time around. I don’t understand it. You have one man in Donald Trump who has been a crook all his life. And you have a woman in Hillary Clinton has devoted her life to helping others. Everyone keeps forgetting that the Clinton Family Foundation is a charity. It’s not just a charity in name only, it helps millions of people across the globe. It has brought the cost of a day’s worth of AIDS medication less than a dollar per person. Next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, the Taj Mahal Trump casino in Las Vegas is closing. 3000 people will be losing their jobs. Do you think that Donald Trump is going to be losing a penny in this transaction? I know he’s not. So remember to tell your friends that if they think Trump is a good guy what would have happened to their parents or to their family if they had an employer or a customer then reneged and did not pay them. In what Financial straps would they be in? Remind them that and say this is the man that they think should be president.


FILE – In this July 1992 file photo, Hillary Clinton’s father Hugh watches as her mother Dorothy Rodham adjusts her daughter’s clothing in a New York Hotel room during the Democratic National Convention. Hillary Clinton has landed on very personal argument against Donald Trump’s checkered business past: her dad. As the Democratic presidential nominee seeks to undercut Trump’s economic record and promote her plans for small businesses, she is invoking memories of her late father’s Chicago drapery business. Recalling Hugh Rodham hard at work making and printing curtains for hotels and office buildings, Clinton argues that he would have been “stiffed” in a deal with the celebrity businessman.(Ron Frehm, File/Associated Press)

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