Cher defiant after harsh takedown of Trump – CNN 

The double standard is breathtaking in this case. Trump can basically say fire in the middle of a movie theater and no one criticizes him from the right but Cher gives her opinion and she is besieged by criticism. I think the first amendment is much more important than the 2nd Amendment. I hope our first amendment people will do something about Donald Trump.


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  1. Gail Daly: Trump’s parents both suffered with Alzheimer’s. Since he is presenting symptoms, I hope he gets help but I doubt he will. Erratic and paranoid behavior are signs. This did not just start, he has become increasingly bizarre in his actions. Narcissism and megalomania are really just symptoms of the larger picture. This also explains the criminal actions and rash, unsubstantiated financial & political errors. Go Cher Go. His is still an ass with no free pass!!!!

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