Several Hispanic Trump surrogates rescind support for Trump after speech – POLITICO

These people were played by Donald Trump. Just like Nazi Collaborators in World War II who were fooled by Hitler. I have no love lost for these people. They went in thinking that they could change the mind of a demagogue. I called that a Fool’s errand. He had never intended on his softening. His choices to bring in Roger Ailes and Breitbart founder told me that he wanted to continue down his white supremacist theme. It’s too late for these people to resend their support and leave this so-called Hispanic Council for Trump. Trump spews hatred and these patsies fell for it. Watch how they will no longer be on cable news because the Trump machine will silence them.


Supreme Court Blocks Stricter Voting Rules in North Carolina – Wall Street Journal

On a day that’s Donald Trump filled the news media with Spam, this should have been the headline. Donald Trump could go flying to the Moon and back but he will not win if voting is not restricted by Republican laws aimed at minority communities. Even a supreme court with only eight members saw how long these voter ID laws are. This election is going to be won at The Ballot Box and not in Trump’s media extravaganzas.

Today was a day that will be more pivotal than Trump’s speech and trip because people will be able to vote against him.


Trump: I will solve California drought – CNN Video

The only time that Donald Trump has spoken up regarding climate change was when it was in his best interest. In a filing with the Scottish government asking for permission to build a higher sea wall to protect his golf course his attorneys mentioned the fact that climate change was raising the levels of the Seas. Now he thinks that he can solve California’s drought. The only way to solve California’s drought is for the world to understand that we are at a precipice and are about to collectively fall into it if we don’t dramatically change the way we do business. 2016 has had 8, yes 8, 500 year floods in the United States alone. Donald Trump in his only interview on climate change looked like a kid who had not prepared for his science project. He said that climate went up and down up and down and there was nothing we could do about it. He was more upset about the fact that he could no longer use a hairspray that was more effective. He actually said he could not understand how when he sprayed hairspray in his “sealed” apartment it would affect the ozone layer. I guess Donald Trump doesn’t breathe the same air that we all do. His lack of knowledge and his unwillingness to listen to scientists as opposed to his handlers frightens me. I am 62 years old and I know I will see changes in the climate but I feel so so sorry for those young people who are going to have to pay for the mistakes being made right now by politicians.


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This is what California drought looks like.

Former Models for Donald Trump’s Agency Say They Violated Immigration Rules and Worked Illegally – Mother Jones

He may called the most honest Hillary Clinton crooked Hillary but Donald Trump is a crook. Not only did he have young girls, as young as 14, work illegally but what he did to them is unconscionable. He charged them $1,600 a month for a bunk shared in a room with 4 other girls. At the time the average furnished studio apartment in that part of Manhattan when for $1345 a month! One young lady who worked for him for two years and did some major fashion spreads and it up only earning the total of $8,000 after he took all his fees. Modeling agencies are in the business to make money but not to steal money from young and inexperienced girls. This is just one more Brick in the Wall that tells me that Donald Trump is a crook. Don the con.


Donald Trump to meet with Mexican president in Mexico Wednesday prior to his immigration speech – The Washington Post

One has to wonder if Donald Trump plans to charge Mexico for the trip. For a man who claims he doesn’t want to pivot towards a more presidential temperament he sure is trying every trick in the book. This is so obvious that it won’t work. Also this has to be angering his alt-right or white supremacist base. In any case one cannot say that Donald Trump has not made for an interesting campaign. I just wish it would be over and he was gone out of our lives. Unfortunately, I don’t think that he’ll disappear like Romney did after the election.


FBI Says It Takes Risk of Hackers Swaying Election Seriously – Bloomberg Politics

The two players in this game of Espionage are China and Russia. Donald Trump owes Millions to China and has some weird love affair with President Putin in Russia. So if there’s going to be some raking of the election it’s going to be in Donald Trump favor. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but when the FBI says they’re worried I get worried. I think that Trump has been stoking the fire bring the elections so that when it happens he will look less likely to be a culprit.


FBI Director James Comey is seen on a monitor speaking during a government symposium on cybersecurity on Aug. 30, 2016, in Washingto

Harry Reid Cites Evidence of Russian Tampering in U.S. Vote, and Seeks F.B.I. Inquiry –

We’ve all heard the expression The Boy Who Cried Wolf. I think that Donald Trump is that boy. Maybe Donald Trump is planning to rig the election but not in the way he keeps yelling about. I think he wants Russia to make sure he wins this election. He’s a bad poker player because now all eyes will be on this election and whether or not there is any tampering to it. Donald Trump is a bad player hand does not deserve the office of the presidency. He is cheated his way through life and now he wants to cheat himself into the White House. He’s letting his Russian handlers put him in there. And then I doubt we’re going to be seeing anything about America being great again.


Clinton hits Trump by recalling her father’s business and if he had had Trump as a client – The Washington Post 

What a contrast. One candidates has lived his life by hiring people and eventually never paying them what he had promised. The other candidate comes from a family that if one of their customers had reneged on a contract could have meant ruin. I hear the Press say how much Americans hate both candidates for president this time around. I don’t understand it. You have one man in Donald Trump who has been a crook all his life. And you have a woman in Hillary Clinton has devoted her life to helping others. Everyone keeps forgetting that the Clinton Family Foundation is a charity. It’s not just a charity in name only, it helps millions of people across the globe. It has brought the cost of a day’s worth of AIDS medication less than a dollar per person. Next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, the Taj Mahal Trump casino in Las Vegas is closing. 3000 people will be losing their jobs. Do you think that Donald Trump is going to be losing a penny in this transaction? I know he’s not. So remember to tell your friends that if they think Trump is a good guy what would have happened to their parents or to their family if they had an employer or a customer then reneged and did not pay them. In what Financial straps would they be in? Remind them that and say this is the man that they think should be president.


FILE – In this July 1992 file photo, Hillary Clinton’s father Hugh watches as her mother Dorothy Rodham adjusts her daughter’s clothing in a New York Hotel room during the Democratic National Convention. Hillary Clinton has landed on very personal argument against Donald Trump’s checkered business past: her dad. As the Democratic presidential nominee seeks to undercut Trump’s economic record and promote her plans for small businesses, she is invoking memories of her late father’s Chicago drapery business. Recalling Hugh Rodham hard at work making and printing curtains for hotels and office buildings, Clinton argues that he would have been “stiffed” in a deal with the celebrity businessman.(Ron Frehm, File/Associated Press)

Rachel Maddow: anti-Semitism, domestic abuse charge in Trump CEO Bannon records – MSNBC 

Let’s call, and love this turn of a phrase, a spade a spade Steve Bannon is a white supremacist. Being a white supremacist comes with some baggage. Usually you are anti-Semitic, borderline psychopath, some self-hatred and not very good at parties. So, when you read the court documents that say that he was mad at his wife for sending their children to school that had Jews because Jews raise whiny brats that should not come as a surprise from a white supremacist. This alt-right name is similar to how conservatives have changed words so that they sound more palatable  at the dinner table. So let’s get are dictionaries straight. Alt right means white supremacist. Pro-life is someone who wants they have too much to do with a woman’s body. Death tax is attacks that doesn’t click in until the inheritance is over 5.4 million dollars. But conservatives love changing words around and ALT-right is their newest and greatest hit. We used to call them the KKK, neo-nazis, skinheads and the like but now they homogenize the band called alt-right. It’s time that we write into our television stations and newspapers and other media outlets and the man that they stop using this alt-right and start calling it what it really is white supremacy. Donald Trump seems to pick them really well from a doctor that looks like he may be creating a Frankenstein monster somewhere to his new field operations manager that was fired by, of all things, Chris Christie over Bridgegate. If I were Donald Trump I would go into his campaign’s human resources department and scream at the top of my lungs “You’re fired!”.


I am not kidding, I Googled “photos of white supremacist” and pictures of Donald Trump showed up