World reacts to Donald Trump’s acceptance speech – CNN 

I am not a masochist so I was watching a movie at a museum while that demagogue made his acceptance speech. I knew that I would be bombarded with Snippets of it for the next 24 hours and so far I have been proven to be correct. I have to take my hat off to CBS for allowing Jon Stewart to go live and tell it exactly like it is about Donald Trump and the Republican agenda.

The theme was ” Mourning in America “, it was negative and get promoted a view of the world which will only make things worst. Fact Checkers will go crazy on this speech. Everything he said was a lie from the very first sentence when he said he humbly accepted, the man doesn’t know how to do anything humbly. My Lord the stage was gold with his name in letters so big it was ridiculous. I guess it’s making up for his small hands.

I am embarrassed that the rest of the world is looking at America and thinking oh they look a lot like the Philippines. His speech sounded just like speeches in the thirties by future dictators and mass murderers. And a lot like speeches by Putin so I guess America you have a choice to elect our first dictator.

Trump  did not give us a vision of America he gave us a vision of how he would take over America.


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