Hillary Clinton seizes opening as Trump alienates big and small businesses – CNN 

Calling what Trump said last week as an economic speech would be stretching the imagination. Corporations and Business Leaders understand that his policies would put us in a deep recession if not a complete depression of our economy. So Business Leaders are galvanizing behind Hillary because she’s the only one that is putting out policies that are well-rounded and would help both the Working person and business owners especially small business ones. This is the opposite of what normally happens during @clash between Democrats and Republicans on the presidential level.



NASA’s Juno spacecraft enters Jupiter’s orbit – Google News

Who needs to make America great again? America is great and anybody who doesn’t believe that should never be president. We just flu a spacecraft over a billion miles and were able to orbit around the largest planet in our solar system. Truly a five-year mission to explore strange new worlds and America did it!

So mr. Trump take your slogan and go to some other country.



Cory Booker no longer denying he’s being vetted as Hillary Clinton’s VP pick – CBS News 

Until Hillary Clinton gets on stage and announces her vice presidential pick all of this is background static. I think that Senator Cory Booker, a true American Hero, would make a great vice presidential pick. Hillary has the luxury I love having a myriad of choices that would be perfect as her vice president. That is not what can be said at all about Donald Trump. Those who would consider becoming Trump’s vice presidential candidate are power hungry and are also ignoring the fact that they are hitting their star to a supernova that’s going to explode in their face.

Hillary will make a choice that is good for the country. Donald Trump will make a choice that is good for Donald Trump.



Trump looks to unlikely speakers for convention help – CNN

Donald Trump’s announcement said that speaking slots were going to be filled by those in his family and by non-partisan individuals. I take it that nonpartisan individuals is a euphemism for racist or perhaps bigoted. Whatever he plans on doing at the Republican convention my plans are to have the TV on any other channel then where his unpleasant face and grating voice will not be. Interestingly Bill Maher will be doing a show each night after the convention ends, I may watch that. Who would have thought that a room full of windbags would not want to speak in front of a national audience. Trump brings a lot to the table and most of it is not edible.



This man can never tell the truth

Republican women organize to support Hillary Clinton – CNN

Crisis a movement would be premature. But it’s certainly a beginning. I can imagine how difficult this must be. The party that you have been associated with all your life has made choices that make it impossible for you to vote for the nominee for president. Then you add into the equation you’re a woman and then it makes it all clear. It’s not just Donald Trump’s style that upsets the Republican women it’s what comes out of his mouth. As a lifelong Democrat I so sympathize with this group. At this point, I don’t know if I could support Bernie Sanders. So this whole notion comes home to roost for me. Follow them on Twitter and supportive and most importantly welcome them because they can mean the difference between losing and wedding in November.



Donald Trump Expected to Announce Running Mate Before Convention – New York Times

First Donald Trump said he would not announced his vice presidential candidate until the convention now he’s going to announce it before the convention. I have one word for him:

Or in this case I think a picture is worth a thousand words. This man cannot be held down to a single position or belief. Whenever something doesn’t hit the fan right he changes his story. But he wants to be our president and Truth does matter. Please read the New York Times article below. This is truly a case of lipstick not making a pig look any better.



Opinion: Isis wants Donald Trump to be President

Attack after attack Isis and its sympathizers leads me to a singular conclusion, they want Donald Trump to be president. Having Trump as president would give them the propaganda weapon of propaganda weapons. His rhetoric against Muslims wood become the Hallmark of their recruiting videos. Anybody who believes anything else is mistaken and will regret their opinion in the future. Just like the UK regrets having voted for brexit if we elect Donald Trump we will sorely regret that decision.

Isis only works if it can make its potential followers believe that the U.S. is their enemy. And when you have someone like Trump who doesn’t stop attacking Muslims and scapegoating them for almost everything, Isis has a winner. So you should not be surprised that the next 4 months we are going to be attacked whether abroad or God forbid within our borders by ISIS and its blind followers. And each time an attack happens a few more people in our country will believe Trump rhetoric. It is our job to make sure that’s Trump does not get his message across.