Opinion: Isis wants Donald Trump to be President

Attack after attack Isis and its sympathizers leads me to a singular conclusion, they want Donald Trump to be president. Having Trump as president would give them the propaganda weapon of propaganda weapons. His rhetoric against Muslims wood become the Hallmark of their recruiting videos. Anybody who believes anything else is mistaken and will regret their opinion in the future. Just like the UK regrets having voted for brexit if we elect Donald Trump we will sorely regret that decision.

Isis only works if it can make its potential followers believe that the U.S. is their enemy. And when you have someone like Trump who doesn’t stop attacking Muslims and scapegoating them for almost everything, Isis has a winner. So you should not be surprised that the next 4 months we are going to be attacked whether abroad or God forbid within our borders by ISIS and its blind followers. And each time an attack happens a few more people in our country will believe Trump rhetoric. It is our job to make sure that’s Trump does not get his message across.


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