Melania Trump speech appears to plagiarize Michelle Obama – TheHill

One of my best friends, Andrew  Thomas, called me to tell me about this plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speech. To be honest I’m not watching the Republican convention. I have low blood pressure and I want to keep it that way. That the Trump campaign did not run her speech through a plagiarism site makes no sense to me. Routinely every school teacher or professor in the United States runs their students work through anti plagiarizing software. It makes me and many others wonder whether or not Donald Trump wants to be or in actuality should be president.
Looking over other potential first lady speeches at their respective convention is the norm. But copying is not. Mrs. Trump has a life story that is different from most politicians wifes. Why she did not use that to her best advantage is beside me. Plagiarizing from someone that her husband has been villainizing is inexcusable. When asked by Matt Lauer earlier today about the speech on Donald Trump’s plane Melania said ” I read over the speech once but I wrote it with as little bit and help as possible so I’m good.” I did not realize she was friends with Michelle Obama who helped her on her speech if you are to believe Melania’s words. 

Both Trump and his wife should not be anywhere near the White House.


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