Laura Ingraham closes RNC speech with some sort of a salute …

You can read about this idiot salute in the article from in the link below.

Michael Moore was on Real Time with Bill Maher convention Edition tonight. And he said that he believes that Donald Trump will win the election. And I’m afraid that he may be correct. I don’t think we progressives or liberals who live in our little bubble and laugh at the antics of the Republicans understand the danger that where under with this man’s candidacy. There’s enough people out there that will vote to make America great again and get rid of the Mexicans, Muslims and the gays and whomever else they hate. Be complacent at your own risk because complacency will get us a Donald Trump presidency. We’ve got to drop this message home over and over again. Let’s not be England the day after the brexit vote when the hashtag was what have we done.

Now that I’ve got your attention you can click on the link below to read about this Heil Hitler to Trump salute.


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