Fox’s Megyn Kelly makes surprise visit to CNN DNC party

This would have never happened under Roger Ailes. But my question would have been why not? Well, Roger Ailes ran Fox like a fiefdom and treated his employees terribly and they were scared for their jobs at all times. It’s refreshing to see this happening. Let’s not forget that Don Lemon is openly gay another factoid to be put into this equation. Maybe there is hope 4 a more balanced view of politics from the news media. I am a glass-is-half-full person so please understand I’m optimistic about the future at all times. If not after everything that’s happened to me in the last 4 years I would not be around. My psychologist say I have great coping skills and I think the greatest of my coping skills is my optimism. Good for Megyn Kelly and good for Don Lemon 4 reaching out and asking for them to come to the CNN Grill. I’m not watching CNN anymore because they hired Corey Lewandowski. When I see something even if it’s something from an organization I’m not fond of that is good, I want to point it out.


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