Donald Trump’s slander of Captain Humayun Khan’s family is horrifying, even for Trump – Vox

The sad thing about this, is that those of us who don’t like Trump or support him will just not like him a little bit more. His supporters on the other hand will hear this and think of this as a rallying cry for how they inbody his bigotry and racism. If you search dog whistle Politics on my blog you’ll see how many times I bring this up regarding Donald Trump. It angers me when the media says that Donald Trump is a master of the media. Adolf Hitler was a master of the media. That’s not a compliment that’s just saying that they are manipulative. I hope that the media stops following Trump along like a little dog. I hope the media start not only endorsing Hillary butt also not cover Trump each time he goes to the bathroom. The coverage needs to be even. And I’m not seeing that and that’s why I said that Roger Ailes destroyed the fourth estate.


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