Donald Trump’s Hispanic roundtable in Miami isn’t happening Tuesday – Miami Herald

Reince priebus the Republican chair said gleefully that Donald Trump would  launch his Hispanic Outreach tour as it the first part of the official presidential campaign. So it was announced that Trump would be visiting Miami for a round table. This is a round table that had been scheduled for July 8th, then postponed, then postponed, and then scheduled for next Tuesday. Now the Trump campaign says members of the Round Table will not be available on Tuesday. Perhaps they’re being run out of town. Meanwhile Rachel Maddow today and her show explains where Donald Trump jr. Was while the Democrats were in Philadelphia. He was in Philadelphia Mississippi. And before you think that they did this as some sort of a joke let me explain the history. Philadelphia Mississippi is best known to the country for the brutal murder and burial of three civil rights activists in the sixties. Those involved were part of the community and also part of the police force. So it became a regular stomping ground for segregationist like George Wallace. So it isn’t surprising that’s Trump jr. Would show up and this still all white stronghold in Mississippi. The crowd look like uh graduation from Caucasian University although none of them look like they went to University. Dog whistle politics are the Forte of Donald Trump’s campaign. And once again he shows that he’s the master of getting white supremacist on the bandwagon for his campaign.

Donald Trump has no interest in the Latino vote. He is more interested in getting those who don’t believe in the United States to register to vote for the first time and vote for someone they believe will have their backs as white supremacists. There’s a special place in hell for people like Donald Trump.


Still showing half his face and his tiny little hands

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