Dog whistle politics work on progressives too

Donald Trump has floated the name of retired Lieutenant General Michael T Flynn a 33 year veteran as a possible VP pick. A few days ago Lieutenant General Flynn said that he was for a woman’s right to choose. Now he has recanted this.

Donald Trump is the master of dog whistle politics. People think that dog whistle politics only works when someone is talking to group that have hatred in their hearts. That is not true. Liberals or progressives whichever you prefer also listen to news reports. They see a glimmer of hope that perhaps Donald Trump is trying to be more reasonable and may choose to vote for him. And there is the trap that he has set. In hopes that he will turn out to be someone that can be middle of the road Progressive May vote for Trump because of some underlying issue that they think he is strong with whether it be trade or immigration. Do not be fooled. He is never going to choose anyone close to being a Democrat as his Vice Presidential nominee and even if he does the vice president serves at the behest of the president and has very few duties other than being ceremonial. We are used to seeing Vice President Biden up in front and center but that’s because President Obama allows that and actually nurses that. But most vice presidents, Cheney the major exception, are quiet and in the background.

Donald Trump is a flip-flopper. He will do so throughout the campaign so do not be fooled. He wants nothing good for our country he only wants good for Donald J Trump.


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