David Duke Praises and Parrots Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitic Tweet – The Huffington Post

When I tweet that hashtag Trump lies matter it’s more than just a slogan. First, earlier in the campaign Trump claimed he did not know who David Duke was. Then when he’s asked about white supremacist supporting him he says he needs to check into those groups before making a comment. Now he tweets what is obviously a star of David over Hillary in an anti-semitic slur and says that that’s not a Star of David but a sheriff’s badge. If it were a sheriff’s badge why did his campaign immediately change it to a circle? Don’t Sheriff badges have little circles at the end of the star so that it doesn’t poke the sheriff?  

Dog whistle politics unfortunately have been apart human kind for time immemorial. Donald Trump is a master at dog whistle politics. Dogs can hear sounds we do not has humans. Bigots and racists hear what Trump says and hear that he is a racist and a bigot just like they are. We have not heard Donald Trump or anyone on his campaign say they disavow David Duke, and we won’t because that’s dog whistle politics 101.

Indeed Trump lies matter is more than just a slogan it is a warning we need to heed.



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