Could Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes Become the Next Bill Cosby? – The Daily Beast

Could this be happening to a more deserving man? This man has single-handedly corrupted news media. Journalism was called the fourth estate for a reason. It was considered the fourth branch of government the one that oversees the other three period in steps Roger Ailes and he dismantled this 200 year old system with his Fox News Network. Now we watch news that is not really news it’s someone’s opinion or perhaps a corporation’s idea of what we should be hearing but it’s certainly not use the way it used to be when Walter Cronkite reported it.

So now it turns out he’s also a Serial sexual harasser if not worst. These are all allegations and until this goes before a court of law of course he is not guilty. But then of course Roger Ailes never really cared if someone were guilty before going on the air and pronouncing them so. So they say that karma is a bitch and I think this kind of proves that. Please read The Daily Beast article below to find out the details.


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