Clinton VP pick: Signs point toward Kaine as Clinton’s VP choice – POLITICO

Last night, during late night with Stephen Colbert, Elizabeth Warren made it clear that she was not the vice-presidential pick. She also announced that she was speaking on Monday night. I am and would be very happy if Tim Kaine is Hillary’s choice. He has a secret weapon. Not only does he check all the boxes regarding his Progressive beliefs but this very American looking man speaks perfect Spanish. We need to make sure that the Latino vote comes out strong for Hillary if we’re going to the feet Donald Trump. And Tim Kaine is a good debater something I don’t think Mike Pence is. So this may not be the ticket that all of you wished for but it’s the ticket that Hillary wants to run with and we have to support her in every way. Let us not forget that this is not just a beauty contest but it’s also the person who may have to take over from Hillary God forbid, and who will hopefully be by her side for the next 8 years.


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