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Update: Less than 24 hours after introducing the new Trump/Pence  logo it was withdrawn to be replaced by a more traditional logo that resembles the original Trump logo.

Logos for political campaigns are a tricky thing. Hillary’s H with the arrow got a lot of criticism online when it was unveiled. But the criticism of the Trump Pence logo is a little bit more visceral. Mike Pence, has been cited as a man with conviction. The minute he became Donald Trump vice president those convictions fell by the wayside. So the gift that’s been going around showing Trump’ T pleasuring itself on the P for Pence might have it exactly correct. Let us not forget that the Republican Party platform for 2016 has a stipulation that porn should be outlawed. I believe Indiana was one of the states that PornHub blocked because of their stance on LGBT rights to the dismay and unhappiness of the populace. Mike Pence has Draconian Family Values. He believes in a form of Sharia law for Christians and everyone else for that matter. They are both unfit for the White House.


If you have not seen the gif that’s going around click on the link below and it’s in the middle of the article as a video.