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Republican politics always seem so incestuous to me. FBI director James Comey was Kenneth Starr assistant during the so-called Whitewater investigation of the first President Clinton. He’s a republican that President Obama picked because he knew that the FBI without a leader would leave our country so Congress approved his appointment since he was one of them. Now that he has done something that they don’t like because in fact what he did was the correct thing to do they are attacking him. Remember James Comey is a republican in good standing. Perhaps his worst crime was to work as the FBI administrator under President Obama. So the republicans in Congress once again shoot themselves in the foot. And there show and tell materials are becoming less and less sophisticated. Today one of them was showing what looked like a legal size laser printed chart of some sort and it was making absolutely no sense. By the way that Congressman had more wrinkles than I have seen on someone in a long time. That being said I also had a lot of rings on his fingers and they were somewhat inappropriate for someone who looked to be well into his eighties. Oh the Republicans they are so much fun.