Turning back on Trump, Koch network focuses on Senate – The Washington Post

All things being equal I would rather have a republican-led senate than a Donald Trump presidency. And that’s what the Koch brothers are counting on. Unfortunately for the brothers this year is an unusual year for the Senate election. There are 34 Senate seats up for election. Of the 34, 24 are Republican seats and many of those are in states where Republicans are not doing well. Maybe it was smart for Mccain not to show up at the convention now he can collect the Koch brothers money to try to reach out an election victory.

I never thought I would be relieved by something the Koch brothers say and for their own greedy reasons they are not supporting trunk. But all those millions and millions of dollars are not going to go into the feeding Hillary. And at the end of the day that’s a good thing. The Koch brothers believe that Congress will act as it has with President Obama and create a spot in 2020 for  a republican run. What they’re not taking into consideration is how Hillary Clinton reaches across the aisle and get things done.



FILE – In this photo May 22, 2012 file photo, Charles Koch speaks in his office at Koch Industries in Wichita, Kansas. Billionaire industrialist and conservative benefactor Koch is hosting hundreds of the nation’s most powerful political donors this weekend in Colorado. The exclusive gathering at the foot of the Rocky Mountains is open to donors who promise to give at least $100,000 each year to Koch-approved groups. The Koch network has avoided supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign so far. (Bo Rader/The Wichita Eagle via AP, File)(Associated Press)

Trump says he would like to ‘hit’ DNC speakers who disparaged him – CNN 

They say that Donald Trump is thin skinned. That is an understatement. Yes in his speech he said that he’d like to hit some of the Democrats or those speaking at the DNC, he said that he meant this proverbially. But later in the speech he went and started talking about Tim Kaine. He said that he was upset that I came that all these bad things about him. He said he could not understand why Tim Kaine would talk this way since he doesn’t know him. Yet someone who he gave money 2 their campaigns several times and invited them to his daughter’s wedding should be called Criminal and be put in jail. His attacks on Hillary Clinton are Beyond personal and yet in the past they used to be if not friends at least close acquaintances. As cheap as Donald Trump is turning out to be I don’t think he’d invited two people to a wedding that he’s paying for just show. Aldo Donald Trump does a lot just for show. Please don’t let this man get anywhere near the White House. Can you imagine when some foreign leader says something bad about him and he has the nuclear codes. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and those are not just lyrics.



Clinton leads Trump by 6 points after Democratic confab: Reuters/Ipsos poll – Reuters

Traditionally polls after the conventions are a good indicator of who’s going to win the election in November. This year the conventions were very very early. Both parties decided to have their conventions before the Olympics. So there is a Long Trail between now and November 8. The next hundred and two days will be critical to beating Trump and making sure that Hillary is our next president.



Trump rescued from stalled elevator, it’s what he does afterwards that’s flabbergasting – CNN 

There’s one thing you can say about Trump and that’s he is an ungrateful sob. After being rescued by the Denver Fire Department the first thing he said when he got up on stage was too blessed the fire marshal for not allowing enough people into his rally. Fire Marshals have to abide by rules something that Trump doesn’t seem to know how to. I put together events as large as the ones that he has and the fire marshal is god at your event. But to slap the fire department in the face after they rescued you from an elevator is how Trump is going to be as a leader. Ungrateful.



Trump wants three presidential debates, accuses Clinton of rigging schedule – POLITICO

Is telling the truth a completely unknown quantity to Donald Trump? He says in his interview which is going to air tomorrow on ABC’s Morning Show with George Stephanopoulos that he received a letter from the NFL complaining that the debate was up against an NFL game or two. First it’s on a Sunday night which is the highest viewership night of the week. Finding the Sunday night that doesn’t have a sports game of some sort is hard. And secondly and this is the part that really gets to me the NFL says they did not send a letter to Donald Trump. But I bet you George Stephanopoulos is not going to engage them on that and let the LIE slip by. And just to compound the LIE it’s only one game that will be at the same time as the debates. Hillary is going to cream him in the debates and make them into butter.

Did the Bates schedule is set by an independent committee and not by the candidates.



Donald Trump’s slander of Captain Humayun Khan’s family is horrifying, even for Trump – Vox

The sad thing about this, is that those of us who don’t like Trump or support him will just not like him a little bit more. His supporters on the other hand will hear this and think of this as a rallying cry for how they inbody his bigotry and racism. If you search dog whistle Politics on my blog you’ll see how many times I bring this up regarding Donald Trump. It angers me when the media says that Donald Trump is a master of the media. Adolf Hitler was a master of the media. That’s not a compliment that’s just saying that they are manipulative. I hope that the media stops following Trump along like a little dog. I hope the media start not only endorsing Hillary butt also not cover Trump each time he goes to the bathroom. The coverage needs to be even. And I’m not seeing that and that’s why I said that Roger Ailes destroyed the fourth estate.



Donald Trump’s Hispanic roundtable in Miami isn’t happening Tuesday – Miami Herald

Reince priebus the Republican chair said gleefully that Donald Trump would  launch his Hispanic Outreach tour as it the first part of the official presidential campaign. So it was announced that Trump would be visiting Miami for a round table. This is a round table that had been scheduled for July 8th, then postponed, then postponed, and then scheduled for next Tuesday. Now the Trump campaign says members of the Round Table will not be available on Tuesday. Perhaps they’re being run out of town. Meanwhile Rachel Maddow today and her show explains where Donald Trump jr. Was while the Democrats were in Philadelphia. He was in Philadelphia Mississippi. And before you think that they did this as some sort of a joke let me explain the history. Philadelphia Mississippi is best known to the country for the brutal murder and burial of three civil rights activists in the sixties. Those involved were part of the community and also part of the police force. So it became a regular stomping ground for segregationist like George Wallace. So it isn’t surprising that’s Trump jr. Would show up and this still all white stronghold in Mississippi. The crowd look like uh graduation from Caucasian University although none of them look like they went to University. Dog whistle politics are the Forte of Donald Trump’s campaign. And once again he shows that he’s the master of getting white supremacist on the bandwagon for his campaign.

Donald Trump has no interest in the Latino vote. He is more interested in getting those who don’t believe in the United States to register to vote for the first time and vote for someone they believe will have their backs as white supremacists. There’s a special place in hell for people like Donald Trump.



Still showing half his face and his tiny little hands

Fox’s Megyn Kelly makes surprise visit to CNN DNC party

This would have never happened under Roger Ailes. But my question would have been why not? Well, Roger Ailes ran Fox like a fiefdom and treated his employees terribly and they were scared for their jobs at all times. It’s refreshing to see this happening. Let’s not forget that Don Lemon is openly gay another factoid to be put into this equation. Maybe there is hope 4 a more balanced view of politics from the news media. I am a glass-is-half-full person so please understand I’m optimistic about the future at all times. If not after everything that’s happened to me in the last 4 years I would not be around. My psychologist say I have great coping skills and I think the greatest of my coping skills is my optimism. Good for Megyn Kelly and good for Don Lemon 4 reaching out and asking for them to come to the CNN Grill. I’m not watching CNN anymore because they hired Corey Lewandowski. When I see something even if it’s something from an organization I’m not fond of that is good, I want to point it out.



Bill Clinton Boosts Democratic National Convention Night 2 Coverage – Variety

This is from the Associated Press:

RATINGS: Democrats had nearly 5 million more viewers Tuesday night than Republicans did for the corresponding night of their convention last week. That’s from the Nielsen company’s measurement of the six biggest commercial networks that showed the convention from 10 p.m. until its close. For a second straight night, CNN led the way with 5.93 million viewers, followed by NBC’s 5.28 million. After winning last week with the Republicans, Fox News was sixth and last.

The National Party conventions are infomercials. And the Democrats are winning the infomercial War. Let’s hope it translates into votes in November. Below is the article by variety about how Bill Clinton help boost the ratings on Tuesday night.



I took this picture before the California primary in late May in Inglewood California.