USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

Donald Trump says he is the greatest business man ever. People in business pay their bills. The system doesn’t work if you don’t.
Let’s talk about the guy who built Trump’s stands for the slot machines in his Casino the now-defunct Trump casino in Atlantic City. They got $100,000 contract to build the stands and we’re only paid $50,000. Trump kept them in court for years and eventually the company went bankrupt. The small business owner that delivered 4 grand pianos to Trump Atlantic City with a bill of $120,000 I only got paid $60,000. And the list goes on and on. USA Today the originator of the story, and if you want to read the complete story please click on the link below, is a newspaper that is right of Center and does not go out for Sensational Stories. They want to be the nation’s newspaper.
He has the temerity to call Hillary crooked when she has never had issues like he has had. The only crooked one in this game is Donald J Trump.


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