Trump’s campaign spends $6 million with Trump companies and to family members – Associated Press

Last night, in an after-hours news dump, we found out that Trump campaign is broke. Today we now know why. A third of the expenses of the campaign for the month of May were given Trump and his family. Each time you saw the truck up here at one of his properties he was paying himself for the privilege. He has created a shell company 2 make the hats that say make America great again. He has figured out how to squeeze every single penny of those poor people who gave money to his campaign. Remember he kept saying that he was self-funded but in fact they were loans that he gave to his campaign. He will get repaid for those loans from monies from giant contributors who will have them strung up like a puppet.
Tonight Rachel Maddow explained that this is a phenomenon that only applies to the Republican Party. She asked what is Rick santorum’s day job? Or Michele Bachmann? Or Herman Cain? Their day job is to run for president and then become a celebrity so that they can go and do speaking tours and get shows on right-wing media like Fox. And the Republican party wants us to trust them. Not going to happen.

Please note, still showing half his face and his tiny hands

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