Taking The Trump Exit: Please #Trexit towards Hillary

Brexit has spawned a new word for the Republican Party: Trexit.
I am unconvinced. I really believe that the Republicans have decided to grin and bear it. I also believe that they would prefer in their hearts of hearts Let There Be Clinton administration as opposed to a Trump Fiasco. The Republican convention is in 3 weeks. Going to be interesting to see all the machinations that happen between now and then within the Republican Party. Their party Unity is at its lowest in my memory.
And I believe that party Unity for the Democrats is starting to grow. One by one I am having people follow me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook who were Sanders supporters and I’m so happy about this. I believe that the reality of a trump presidency became more evident after the brexit vote. Let’s hope part of unity Rose until November 8th when we must go to vote against Trump and especially for Hillary Clinton.

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