Sanders Supporters Leaning Toward Supporting Trump – The Atlantic

The self-indulgent supporters of Bernie Sanders AR now reaching the point of becoming ridiculous. They think that Burning Down the system will bring their so-called Revolution to fruition. That’s what people thought during the French Revolution and there were decades of strife. That’s what people thought during the Arab Spring and you see where we are today with that Revolution. They bring up the American Revolution but they also don’t understand history because we were fighting a foreign force not fighting a civil war. Bernie Sanders is doing nothing to stop this kind of talk. Perhaps once he admits that Hillary has the nomination he will turn things around. I don’t think that his supporters understand what a trump presidency would be like. And that’s why every Democrat and I mean Democrat must go out and vote for Hillary in November because the other option would be disastrous. Top Economists say that the markets would fall precipitously the day after the election if Trump wins and we are facing the likelihood of a depression. A depression will make what we saw during the Great Recession look like a cakewalk.
Our system is not perfect but it is the best one in the world and it’s the only one that works with the diversity of our country. Talk of revolution is talk of suicide for our country.


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