Sanders says he will vote for Clinton – POLITICO

I watched the interview this morning on MSNBC and he did not endorse her but he also said he would do everything possible to make sure that Trump does not win the White House. And also on a more positive note he went further and said that “We Democrats need to win governorships, win-back Congress and steakhouses across the country.” I had never heard him say a term that was inclusive with him as being a Democrat. Look, Bernie Sanders is someone who has had the same positions since he was in his twenties. He says he has a small window of opportunity and he’s going to try to leverage that to the max.
I believe that eventually he will endorse Hillary but I’m not sure that you’ll have the power to bring some of his more radical supporters into the fold. The latest poll shows that 22% of Sanders supporters want to vote for Trump. That makes no ideological sense. So if he can bring that number down and even if that 22% does not vote it still is a positive for Hillary’s campaign.


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