Sacramento Baptist preacher incites outrage with praise of Orlando massacre | The Sacramento Bee

No, you have not gone into a time machine. This is America in 2016. And this is a person that a community looks up to for Clues on how to behave. It’s funny the name of the church means truth. Instead this pastor says that he wishes the government lineup gays and lesbians and shoot them. I know this is one man, one sick man, perhaps a man hiding from his own sexuality but he is looked up to and thought to give out the word of God.
Does this mean that all Christians hate the LGBT community? No. Does the act of the shooter in Orlando mean that the Muslim Community hates the LGBT community? No. And yet Donald Trump wants you to believe death the Muslim Community is out to get you and is harboring people who hate you. That’s it’s true as am I saying that what this pastor is saying is how all Christians believe.


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