Putin, protesters and ‘winners night’ in the limelight as Trump celebrates one-year on the campaign trail – WashPost

First and foremost it is amazing to me that any Republican Presidential nominee would have to campaign in Texas. But this is not a normal Republican Presidential nominee. This is the bully and narcissistic Donald Trump. A year ago today he said that the Mexicans coming across the border were rapists and drug dealers and murderers. And today he has to campaign in Texas because Texas is no longer squarely a red state for Donald Trump. There’s a huge latino population that has gone out and either become citizens are registered to vote for the first time. Person who was responsible for President Obama’s ground game in 2012 moved to Texas to turn the state purple and then hopefully blue. I think that Donald Trump is doing a lot of the work for him.
There was a trump supporter of milk. It was a young man dressed in a white wedding dress draped with the American flag. He called himself Lady Liberty. Rachel Maddow said she wanted to be on whatever he was on.


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